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Middle Eastern Shipping

Shipping Oud and Oil-based Oud to the Middle East - Order Now!

Experience the scents of authentic oud from the comfort of your home. We are thrilled to announce that we now ship our premium oud and oil-based oud to the Middle East. Place your order today and prepare to enjoy the fragrance of genuine oud within 4-5 days.

Indulge in the beauty of oud. Order now to experience the magic!

عود موركي طبيعي

2.4 كيلو 2200 دولار

الشحن يأخذ 4 الى 5 ايام

متوفر الان!!

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Atyab Entreprise perfume store, is a one of a kind store in Malaysia, we bring you Arabian scents straight from the source, into your home. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and hospitality at our stores.

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Experience the rich scents of the Middle East with our imported perfumes and oud. A carefully curated collection showcasing traditional techniques and premium ingredients to offer an unparalleled experience. Discover delicate florals, bold aromas, and more - all designed to last and leave a lasting impression.

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